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A quickie and some lovely pain

Again I find myself getting ill, it’s about the hundredth time since I arrived here. It’s the humidity, the sudden change in weather, the stress… Pfff. This time I have pain somewhere on the side of my throat, only on the right said. When talking, swallowing, drinking and eating it hurts and the pain continues to my right ear. That’s it. No cough, no running nose, no nothing, except this pain that wouldn’t go away. Continue reading


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Getting the residence permit and other administrative stuff

They do try to really take care of me here. If I have to arrange some official business like registration, visa etc, there’s a student (mostly my flatmate) with me who made the appointment (when applicable), brings the Chinese papers and does all the talking.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Like some of you know I have a serious injury at my right shoulder/neck/arm, partly because of a car accident I was in over a year ago, partly because of all the computer work I do and being extremely right handed. After being untreated for over a month since I arrived here, I went to a hospital to get some treatment, see an earlier blog. I got some Tui Na then, which helped for the weekend, but then my symptoms returned again. So it was time for another round of Chinese medicine…

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