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Most street artists I see here are disabled in some way. Too bad that on average they aren’t that good…

Did I already tell you about the security checks at the subway stations? It’s like at the airport: you have to put your bags through the scanner. Well, officially… At least half of the people just walk by. In the beginning I nodded friendly to the security guard and walked through, now I find myself walking by without even looking at them. It must be an awful job when you have to tell people to put their bags in the scanner all day long, while most of them just simply ignore you.

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One more item about the toilets here. Maybe I’m biased since I also went to the toilets in the train back home (some people find them disgusting) and that I’m in a big city now and not the countryside, but I think they’re really not so bad. Even in the subway station they had a Western toilet and they were all pretty clean.

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Hierarchy in the university is very important, but I think it is really part of the Chinese traditions. ‘Flat’ organizations like we might have in Western offices are not common here I think.

At university you can see it clearly, also outside of the office. Besides the large dining rooms there are a few small staff restaurants. At some students are not allowed, at some you have separate queue lines for staff and students. So the students are welcome here, but they might have to wait longer.

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