Life of a Dutchie

It's all about me, what I'm doing, where I'm going, what I'm thinking, what I shouldn't be thinking…


Hi there. I am Willemijn, a Dutch girl in her early thirties who recently moved to Shanghai, China. On this blog I will share my adventures and thoughts with everyone who’s interested.

One of my major interests is dancing. I like different styles, like Salsa (on 1 and on 2), Bachata, Zouk, Samba de gafieira, Kizomba, West coast swing and Argentine tango. Besides my day job I’m also a Zouk teacher. One of my goals is to set up a proper Zouk scene here in Shanghai. I will share my adventures while on this quest on this blog of course, but I also have a separate website for people interested in (learning) Zouk: Let’s dance!



Klik hieronder om naar te gaan, lid te worden en gemakkelijk geld te verdienen!


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