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A quickie and some lovely pain

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Again I find myself getting ill, it’s about the hundredth time since I arrived here. It’s the humidity, the sudden change in weather, the stress… Pfff. This time I have pain somewhere on the side of my throat, only on the right said. When talking, swallowing, drinking and eating it hurts and the pain continues to my right ear. That’s it. No cough, no running nose, no nothing, except this pain that wouldn’t go away. It even got worse every single day. So ok… back to the hospital again… Aargh, I see the inside of the hospital here way too much! And I’ve already been into four (!) different ones. Ah well. Campus hospital with my colleague for the Chinese. Here it is the same ritual as in any other hospital: you register, you pay, you see the doctor, you get a prescription, you pay, you get the drugs. All at different places. The only difference is that we were in and out in about 10 minutes! In the end I paid about 2,50 euro to see the doctor, get some antibiotics and some Chinese medicine to help me get better. Not all too shabby now is it?

After another long day at the office/lab (it’s very very busy lately, so unfortunately still no time to sit and think about a new project. Maybe this is why Chinese are not so innovative?) I looked forward to my massage. It has about two weeks because I was late with reserving all the time and he’s a busy guy. But tonight was the night (I probably should reserve already for next week)! He said something in Chinese, luckily one of the other clients could speak English and it seemed that he said that it was a long time ago. So I couldn’t respond other than: “you were too busy!”. Last time he asked for my name and he still remembered! Well, my Chinese name that is. My Dutch name confused him way too much. Every time he seems to know at least one more word in English, I think he’s practicing a little. He even said I should help him teach some English. So he should do the same with Chinese! So I now know the words for “ok” and “not ok”. Not that I really need it, he can hear it from my responses, but it’s a nice start.

He was being his wonderful self again. The way he gets the hair out of my neck is very relaxing, but two seconds later you have an elbow between your ribs or something. Lot of places are still so painful, hope it will get better in time. At least my injuries are much better now in daily life, although I can’t wait for the day I actually will not feel any pain at all. If that day ever comes.

What always is very painful as well, is the line from knee till ankle, just on the side of my shin (outside of the leg). Some time ago someone from Zouk class in Holland called it cold in my legs. This guy now said it’s because I don’t eat good. Anybody out there that knows more about this? I’m very curious now. These lines have been very painful for years and years now, so it can at least not be my current diet, which should be very healthy. So please, share your thoughts about this with me. Thanks!

Long day ahead again tomorrow, so off to bed now. Good night peeps.


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