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Computer crash

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Dear all,

It has been a while since I posted something. This time partly because I’m still soooo busy, but partly because my computer crashed. I was hoping they could retrieve some of the data of my hard drive, but apparently that’s not possible. So if someone has any ideas on how to do get something off of it, please let me know! There are unique photos on there which are most important, but also the preparations for a compilation Zouk video and of course my blog entries are on there.

I was preparing several longer stories, about hospital visits and how I’m setting up a zouk scene here etc. I hope I still have (most) of the handwritten pieces so I can recreate it, but that will take some time. In the meantime I’m also focusing on double back-upping my photos. Hope you have the patience.

In the meantime I can tell you I’m fine here in Shanghai. Still have to learn some Chinese, but with the crazy life I’m leading right now it’s pretty hard to find the time. Work is ok, somehow I still haven’t fully settled in yet, even though I’m here for 6 months now. What I do miss here is the social aspect. Ok, you can go to lunch together (although I mainly go with just two and often by myself, since the rest is still not comfortable to speak English), but they don’t do coffee/tea breaks here, let alone go out for a beer at the end of the day.

Zouk work is going good. Classes are still small, but I will be starting a new beginners class hopefully at the end of the month. Now that I’m organizing parties and found some websites to promote them on, I’m getting some new people that are not salsa related and that’s a good thing. I even got asked to give a workshop at a singles party next week! My first external PAID job! One of my male students is helping me with that. Just as he helped me at my first bootcamp and with giving a demo at a Swing dance party. He’s had just 10 classes so far, but he’s doing great! Speaking of zouk, I will also be an instructor at the Zouk S.E.A. festival in Kuala Lumpur this August! How great is that?!

Last weekend I’ve seen two friends from Holland who were here for business, very nice to see them again. The funny thing is that a short while ago another friend from Holland was here (too bad those pics were on the crashed hard drive…) and when we’re walking on the Bund and taking pictures, I ran into a former professor from Leiden! It’s such a small world!

Well, it’s 9 am here now on a Thursday. Day 4 of a 7-day workweek. A typical Chinese thing: it’s a holiday on Wednesday and to give people some extra time (3 consecutive days), you are off on Monday and Tuesday. However, it does mean you have to work on Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately. Ok, let’s get to work. Have a good day all.


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