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A quickie and some lovely pain

Again I find myself getting ill, it’s about the hundredth time since I arrived here. It’s the humidity, the sudden change in weather, the stress… Pfff. This time I have pain somewhere on the side of my throat, only on the right said. When talking, swallowing, drinking and eating it hurts and the pain continues to my right ear. That’s it. No cough, no running nose, no nothing, except this pain that wouldn’t go away. Continue reading


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Computer crash

Dear all,

It has been a while since I posted something. This time partly because I’m still soooo busy, but partly because my computer crashed. I was hoping they could retrieve some of the data of my hard drive, but apparently that’s not possible. So if someone has any ideas on how to do get something off of it, please let me know! There are unique photos on there which are most important, but also the preparations for a compilation Zouk video and of course my blog entries are on there.

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