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In a lot of ways the Chinese are simple.

In the language you do not have the he/she difference, they just use one word for it, so they have difficulties using the proper words in English. You never know who they’re talking about when they don’t use names. They can make the difference between good morning and good afternoon for example, but they simply say hello all the time. I also just found out the reason why the students here sometimes mix up the words lunch and supper, simply because they only use one thing for the different meals: go eat.

In the administration offices and hospitals you can also see these ‘simple systems’: everybody has just one task. For them it is simple and there is some logic for it (even in my Western brain), but it can sometimes be difficult for others.

Example extending your visa:
1) Get a number
2) Wait
3) Go to the designated desk
4) Go get a form at the form table behind you
5) Go back to the designated desk
6) Go copy your papers at the copy area in a corner
7) Go back to the designated desk
8) Get your receipt to pick up your passport a few days later
9) Get in line to pay for your visa
10) Go to another desk to pick up your passport

Example hospital:
1) Go to the reception and get a ticket for the desired department
2) If new, get a hospital card at another desk
3) Go to the registration desk to pay for seeing a doctor
4) Go to the department you paid for
5) Wait
6) See a doctor
7) Pay for your treatment at the registration/cashier desk at the department
8) Receive treatment from the doctor


One thought on “Simplicity

  1. What’s wrong with making things simple? As long as it’s also efficient I’m all for it (which I know isn’t always the case in China). One could also wonder why we make things so complicated in the Netherlands (Western world) . Is it to keep our bored minds occupied? Or to avoid being confronted with the feeling of emptiness that would become apparent when we silence our minds? I’m still regularly flabbergasted by what new rules and complications the government comes up again, to make things that worked fine, even more complicated for the average citizen. As if we don’t have enough on our minds already… 🙂

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