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New Year’s Eve

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Last Saturday I got invited for a salsa NYE party at the Melting Pot. All I knew was the place and the price and that it included a dinner buffet, but I was like: why not? I don’t like spending NYE with a bunch of drunken people, bars are normally too crowded on nights like these and the other salsa NYE party was at Mural, where I’ve been a few times already. So it was time for a change of scenery. I’m really glad I did! The deal was pretty good; you got entrance and a buffet for about 30 euros. The food was great! Enjoyed some lovely fish and some amazing duck (well… actually a lot!). During dinner all drinks (soft drinks, wine and beer) were free, when the party started all soft drinks were included. Soft drinks consisted of orange juice, coca cola, sprite and… black tea!

The dance floor was really good and the DJ was pretty good as well. I didn’t dance all that much, but it was enough. Especially loved the dances with the teacher (including some lovely Bachata’s) and there were a few other fun dances with some great (but smaller) dancers. There were not enough men to dance with, so for a Bachata I asked a girl I was talking to. After that I got asked by another girl! Reserved even. Also danced merengue with 2 girls ;). Hmm, I shouldn’t do this too much… prefer dancing Bachata with nice men… But we had a laugh!

In total it was a really nice party, good floor, nice music, lovely people and great atmosphere in a lovely venue. Ok, it did include a polonaise when it was almost midnight (of course I joined) and they started the new year with another round of Gangnam Style (blegh), while it didn’t include any champagne (my first NYE without bubbles since ever!), but I had fun. It was a good night.

I’m so used to taxis being available on the doorstep when you come outside, but here that definitely wasn’t the case. Only taken taxis drove by. I followed the people a bit and after a walk around the block I was able to get a taxi, simply by walking in the right direction – quicker than most – and just waved my arm to a taxi just in front of someone else that was waiting a bit already. Well, guess the secret is to keep moving.


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