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End of the year


After a six day work week I find myself on my way to the city inner ring once again. Today at work wasn’t a huge success. I dropped things, mixed the wrong stuff together etc. I think that’s what comes of having to work on a Saturday. So let’s try that again in the new year.

Talked to another student during lunch. He’s well-traveled already and his English is pretty good too. He said that Chinese people might make long days, but on average they work about 5 hours per day. Well, that’s about the same as people actually work in Holland while only having an 8-hour work day. So I’m holding on to my 9 to 5 mentality!

I did procrastinate a bit today, but it was very practical. Needed some stuff for in my room, and now that internet shopping (and paying) is working, I can finally get them cheaper. I’ve ordered a top mattress, a few pillows and pillow cases, a small mirror and a computer bed table for less than 75 euro (and I didn’t even ordered the cheapest versions!). Now wait and see whether delivery goes well and the products are ok. I can’t wait to have a softer bed again!

Did I already tell you it was snowing today? The rain turned into snow at some point. This seems to happened maximal once a year and normally it doesn’t last. So far the roads are too wet for the snow to stay, but I’ve seen several rooftops turning white.

Could you guys do something for me? Please stare at every Chinese person you see outside the center of a big city and look like you’ve never seen it before. Thank you!

Haha, no, it’s not so bad, but it is strange to notice that this is the reaction several people have when they see me, especially when it’s not in the city center (although it happens there as well). I still don’t have the nerve to properly stare back, although I’m practicing.

So, where was I? On my way to dance salsa! I started out at Hot Salsa, the dance school of which I met the teachers at my first night of salsa in Shanghai. They were very interested in me being a Zouk teacher. The night started with an open class, every week they provide a different workshop, after that an hour and a half of social dancing. Because of work and my travelling time I was way too late for that, but I could enjoy the last bit. The level of the dancers varied a lot. I’ve danced with someone that couldn’t hold the beat, with someone that made it an art in letting me do as many figures as possible (I was exhausted afterwards! And a bit dizzy), I finally danced on 2 and I’ve danced some crazy Bachata’s with one of the guys there.

I do like the style of the teachers. She has nice styling and is playful and sexy during dancing, without overdoing it. He’s relaxed, is a great lead and is original. After the party we talked a bit and I guess I will be teaching the open class next week! Whaaah! I will go there on Friday to prepare with him, and then Saturday it’s time for the real thing. I’ve never taken the lead and I’ve never did it ‘alone’, so that will be a challenge. Let’s hope they’ll like it!

After this social I went to Mural Bar again, which is on about 60 seconds walking distance. I’ve met with the musicians again, ran into a girl I met at the expat party and met a Danish guy that was a bit stoned but loved the way I was dancing. Well, that dance was again with the great Chinese guy from last time, loved every second. I think I will be dancing with him more often, he’s a teacher by the way. The organizer of the Shanghai Salsa Festival was there as well. When he heard about the workshop I will be giving, he immediately asked if I was exclusive for Hot Salsa, which of course I’m not. He’s in Hong Kong for the next few weeks, but after that we’re supposed to talk; he wants to introduce me to some other schools. At the end of the night I danced with another Chinese guy who I wanted to dance with, and he was also great. Had a nice chat while the band was playing some crappy chacha mix. When the DJ came back on we continued dancing. This guy danced in the US for a while and is now also a teacher here. We exchanged info and ended the night with a lovely Bachata.

So, the second night of dancing was a success. The third night will be soon, because I will be going to a salsa NYE party. To all my readers: I wish you a very happy new year, filled with fun, love and dance!


3 thoughts on “End of the year

  1. Sounds to me like you went there to dance instead of work… 😉

    • Dancing is more fun to write about! My mom was also wondering why I didn’t wrote more about work, but so far nothing major to mention. Besides the language issues… And the slowness of some students… 😉

  2. Happy new year too!!!!!

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