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Old town (Qibao)

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In the weekend before Christmas I’ve hung out in Old town with the American girl I met at the Salsa party. She’s a tiny blond girl (2 blondes out on the town) and she teaches Chinese to teenagers, so that’s pretty convenient. I think we were the only whites again and therefor again subject for photos. We were chatting on one of the bridges with a very nice view when a man made pictures of us with his phone. When I turned to him and said “hi” to the lens, he pretended not to make our pictures. He clearly doesn’t have any sense of humor!

There were several small streets with lots of shops, mainly with clothes, jewelry, wooden combs and food. We had several things including jasmine tea, fried tofu, barbequed chicken on a stick (why do I have to think about Jeff Dunham now…), filled sticky rice balls and a sort of banana pancake in the form of a banana. Loved those!! Also wanted to try the little bird on a stick (yes, a whole one, and yes, the stick again, only thing that was missing was its feathers), but after noticing they reheated it all the time and the turnover was low, I let this one go for now. Have to look for that somewhere else. For the rest of the food the turnover was high, so no problem there.

Bought my first ‘souvenir’ here. Really tacky, I know, it’s a smiling Confucius. It made me smile the whole time, so I simply had to bring it home! Hopefully the effect doesn’t wear off.

It was pretty cold out and genuinely, we’ve seen snowflakes! They were small and not many, but they were real snowflakes. That in a city where they say it never snows. Later when we were looking for a place to sit down and have a drink (and warm up), we ended up at KFC, ‘cause that apparently was the only place around where you can do that. Had a nice connection with the girl, so think we will be hanging out soon! We’re already making a list of things to do together.


One thought on “Old town (Qibao)

  1. Ha Willemijn! Super leuk om je ervaringen en verhalen te lezen over hoe je deze nieuwe wereld ontdekt. 🙂 Blijft genieten en ons op de hoogte houden. Knuf

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