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Day 3 (Sunday)

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Slept in. Finally! Slept more than 11 hours, I needed that.

Today I wanted to do some more shopping. Just little things that I needed in the house, nothing special, and perhaps some warm clothes. The girls needed to do some work so I suggested I go to the supermarket by myself (one I haven’t been to yet, but I thought I knew how to get there). They didn’t want to let me go! But I convinced them and went on my way, on my brand new bike I bought yesterday. You know that pretty much all bikes here have a basket? It doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or girl bike. Besides, I see girls sit on boy bikes and the other way around, so guess a bike is a bike. And no one has light on their bike! I’m wondering how that can be safe… Ah well, it was my first day on the bike and the first time I went out by myself.

20121202 - 001  My brand new bike!

Thankfully I’m pretty good with remembering routes and have a sense of direction, so I easily found the exit of the campus and the route to the “small” supermarket. A small supermarket here is still huge compared to what I’m used to, I spent almost 2 hours over there I think! Shopping in the supermarket is pretty easy: you can just see what you’re looking for. When in doubt, there are several brands that mention its content in English. What was striking was that there were a lot of employees in the shop, but most had nothing to do. They were talking, texting or just really doing nothing. I heard that it is to keep people at work instead of unemployed at home. So far I didn’t feel like some sort of freak here (big & blond), but when I left the shop a woman that passed me looked at me with very big eyes, which was really funny to see :).

20121202 - 002  Don’t worry that I’m missing out on Christmas!

To shop for clothes, the girls took me to a market (mall) with the subway. I am now the proud owner of a Chinese OV-chipcard! First we went to get some dinner. The whole down floor was filled with food places!! They took me to a small place which apparently is a local Shanghai chain. The best food there according to them was the dumplings, so we all ordered them. They were freshly made instantly by a whole team of people. This time they were fried instead of cooked and it also had some soup inside which made it a bit more difficult to eat. But I managed and they were very good!

20121202 - 006  Yang’s dumplings: yummy!

I was also looking for something like a morning robe, so it’s not that cold when wandering around the house. In the Carrefour they had many things, but almost no robes. It is very normal to have a sort of house suit from soft and warm material that people wear when they’re at home. Probably because of the lack of normal heating in the houses. Some people even sleep in them. Most were in sweet soft colors, nothing like me! The design was also a bit… well… what to say… Better say nothing. Normally people only wear these things at home, but occasionally you can see someone in pajamas and slippers in the streets. And yes, I did. See those people.

Back home it was time for beer, signing up for a VPN and uploading my blog. It’s nice to be in touch with all of you again.

20121202 - 008  Cheers!


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