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Day 2 (Saturday)


Today was a rainy day. Just as in Holland, it rains here often. They woke me up early while I had been awake half the night, because apparently registration needed to be within 24 hours after arrival. So we went to the so-called “Household registry reception”. Apparently we had to make some photocopies ourselves and when we came back the woman was on lunch break and of course they had no replacement. Thankfully lunch breaks don’t last that long, so we were helped relatively quickly. It was a strange place, a typical Shanghai woman (so I was told) ‘spoke’ to someone there really loud (it sounded more like a fight, but apparently it wasn’t), people would cut the line if they had the chance and money was kept in a simple basket.

After registration we went to the campus for lunch, to get a sim card and to email since the internet in the apartment wasn’t available yet. I tried something I didn’t know which appeared to be kind of meatballs with rice. It was ok. There is lots of food for me to discover! You know what was so surprising when being in the car with the professor and the others? The car belongs to his wife, so she drives, and he lets me sit in front! He goes and sits in the back with the students. How about that?!

Oh, something completely different. If you need to go to the toilet in Shanghai, be prepared! Squat toilets are pretty common and toilet paper is pretty rare. Thankfully in the apartment it’s a normal sit-down toilet, but even at work they are squat type, and the stupid thing is that even in the office there is no toilet paper! Or hand towels for that matter. Think I have to take my own every time I go.

20121201 - 001  Yummy!!

The girl took me out to dinner that night and let me taste the best dumplings ever! Well, to me ;). One kind with beef, one with pork and Chinese cabbage and one with egg and chives, all very delicious. You eat that with some vinegar and I loved it! Can’t wait to try more real Chinese food. When we got home, I opened the door for the first time with my own keys. Well, I was planning to… I just broke of the key! Felt like a big blond hulk, because I really didn’t use any pressure!! Thankfully other people in the building could let us in and they should fix it soon, but still. The very first time I used the key! The girls told me it was Chinese quality…

20121201 - 010  Well… What to say…


4 thoughts on “Day 2 (Saturday)

  1. It’s good to have your own toilet paper with you, WHEREVER you go!!!! And a hand sanitiser too! Keep this in mind!

  2. Jaja, je hebt gewoon te veel kracht.
    Kus, mammie

  3. I see you have already encountered the “chinese quality” and the chinese toilets…
    Didn´t want to mention that before you went 😉
    Luckily the good food makes up for a lot..

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