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Saying goodbye – part 2

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Last Friday was my farewell party. After all the hassle that came of moving all my stuff to the storage and cleaning the apartment (again a huge thank you and big hug to all my helpers), it was time to party!

Nice dinner, very lovely beers, great music and of lots of friends. We talked, we drank, we laughed and we even danced! Diogo, thanks for the lovely Zouk and Forró, despite the limited space. Thank you Charles for dancing with me on the song that started the style I love so much: “Lambada”. Of course we also made lots of pictures! Lots of crazy ones!

Unfortunately not everybody could make it, but the people that were present gave me energy, love and of course lots and lots of hugs! That night I wasn’t sad, only happy and somewhat tipsy. It is a very nice feeling to feel loved, even if that’s combined with saying goodbye. So thank you all for coming, I had a blast!

Today is the day I’m flying to the other side of the world and thus of the last goodbyes. My mom, her boyfriend, my uncle and my best friend were there to see me off. It was really nice to spent a bit more time with them. And I hope they took good care of my mom when I left. Feel free to visit her and sent her some love, she will need it. Gladly I will be back for a visit in spring.

I’m in Moscow now to transfer to the flight to Shanghai. Really curious about what’s going on there. It has been some crazy weeks with moving, passing my driving exam, finishing my thesis (first version) and meeting up with everybody, but now it’s time for something different.

I’m ready for my adventure!


One thought on “Saying goodbye – part 2

  1. Geslaagde weken! 🙂

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